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Nationwide Marketing Group’s PrimeTime! Show

PrimeTime! returned to the Sands Expo, where it broke group records with nearly 5,000 attendees and 325,000-square-feet of exhibit space.

Nationwide’s “Millions in Minutes” furniture auction offered deep show-special discounts.

Nationwide’s appliance senior VP Jeff Knock toasts the group’s market share gains at the kick-off to PrimeTime!

The Nationwide management team of, from left, Frank Sandtner, Dave Bilas, Bill Bazemore, Les Kirk, Jeannine Ghaleb, Robert Weisner, Rick Weinberg, Doug Schatz, Patrick Maloney, Tom Hickman and Jeff Knock

The Guitammer Co. stimulated bottoms and bottom lines with its low-frequency ButtKicker device.

Dealers could choose from a variety of premium pre-fab displays

LG’s 55-inch OLED TV was a centerpiece of the show.

IT distributors D&H and SED kept dealers steeped in the latest mobile computing technology.

Seminars on m-commerce and social networking drew standing room-only crowds.

Nationwide hopes to put sales-floor tablets into the hands of thousands of associates.

Mattress manufacturers including Serta, Sealy and Simmons provided high-margin alternatives for profit-strained dealers.

New online-only furniture member Dhillon Arshad of Mohshya Home Furnishings has seen annual sales skyrocket to $20 million since his 2008 launch.


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