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HTSA's Syncretic Synod In St. Louis

Executive director Richard Glikes presiding over this month's HTSA gathering.

The Sound Room's David Young (far left) and HTSA executive director Richard Glikes (far right) host a panel of local business partners during the group's bi-annual meeting.

Sony's Randy Meyers (far left) and Jeff Elden (far right) join David and Abie Wexler of The Little Guys at an HTSA dinner.

Milestone/Chief's Bob Reeves, left, with Leon Shaw of Audio Advice

TV personality turned motivational speaker Ross Shafer presented keynotes on customer loyalty and business fundamentals.

From left, Lutron's Andre Lalande with AVAD's retiring Wally Whinna and Scott Newnam of Audio Advice

Speakercraft's Jeremy Burkhardt, left, with Joseph Akhtarzad of Video & Audio Center


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