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Distribution Evolution: Execs Discuss Their Changing Businesses

“The role of a distributor has evolved over the past five years by becoming a highly valued integrated component to our customer’s business.” —Alex Paskoff, Brightpoint

“With fewer factory direct dealers, the distributors have a larger audience.”— Curt Hayes, Capitol Sales

“For the independent to survive they need to partner with a distributor that has the ability to help them in many facets of the business. —Doug Robison, DSI Systems

“We are doing more and more fulfillment for our customers, where we ship direct to the end user on our customer’s behalf.” —Rob Kalman, SED International

“The mad rush to comply [with the 2009 HD tuner mandate] will be a windfall for distributors.”—Bill Lyons, Cardinal Electronics

“We help our dealers understand the importance of selling accessories and their impact on the bottom line.” — Kevin Kelly, Stampede

“Distributors have to support the retailer in their efforts to educate the consumer.” —Samuel Golowinski, Z. Reiss & Associates


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