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Clayton Teams With Cowboy Maloney’s On DishNet Debut

Cowboy Maloney’s was decked out for the debut of DishNet

Dish’s Joe Clayton (left) and Stan Kozlowski (right) with the first DishNet customers, Jeff and Sabrina Thigpen.

CEA’s Jeff Joseph discusses the importance of having broadband internet access to all Americans.

Dish’s Brian McIntyre discusses the service in front of the retail displays in the store.

Cowboy Maloney’s Eddie Maloney (from left) with Dish’s Stan Kozlowski and Joe Clayton, Johnny Maloney and Hopper, the Dish mascot

Cowboy Maloney’s Con Maloney (right) introduces Joe Clayton of Dish at the launch party for DishNet.

Johnny Maloney (from left) with Joe Clayton, Eddie and Con Maloney

A long view inside the tent set up at Cowboy Maloney’s parking lot for the launch party.


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