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2017 TWICE VIP Award Nominations: Healthcare Monitors

Occly Blinc™ (MSRP: $249) is an advanced wearable personal safety system keeping users safe and protected while proactively deterring potential threats and accidents while on-the-go, traveling, on-the-job, or at home. It can be worn on the body or clipped to an accessory. Occly Blinc is armed with a panic button, four always-on cameras and microphone, sirens, LED lighting, wireless capabilities, and several automatic alarm sensors. It’s companion mobile app provides real-time access to the Occly Safety Network™ for prevention, while its alarm initiates the Occly Rescue Protocol™, offering real-time access to the Occly Emergency Response Center™ and ultimately an emergency dispatch to local law enforcement. Occly Blinc doubles as a home security system, with real-time audio and video recording inside your home and access to the Occly Rescue Protocol™ when activated by the included sound, motion or impact sensors. Its multi-layered prevention and protection features are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, students, seniors, realtors, delivery drivers, security guards, retail workers and ride sharing drivers and passengers. • Real-time transfer of audio and images to cloud storage. • Automatically initiates the Occly Rescue Protocol™ upon fall or accident. • 2.2 oz • 3.1” x 2.1” x 0.7” • Up to 8-hrs of continuous use • 87 dB siren • Water-resistant • 24-hour real time monitoring, and audio and visual recording. • HomeWatch™ provides in-home protection via both sound and motion detectors. • CrowdHelp™ notifies users of an alarm in the immediate area. • CrowdWise™ allows users to mark areas of suspicious activities. • Occly Crime Index™ provides location based crime data.

The QardioArm wireless blood pressure monitor measures your systolic, diastolic blood pressure, heart rate and has irregular heartbeat detection. It is FDA approved and is clinically validated to meet both U.S. and European Standards. The elegant and compact design means you can always have it by your side, using it anytime, anywhere. It works wirelessly with the free Qardio App.

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