ZeroPlus Taps Audiopoint For VoIP Portal

Staff On May 21 2001 - 6:00am

GERMANTOWN, MD. — Inc. recently took another step to solidify its first offering of Uniden-brand VoIP phones when it inked with voice portal Audiopoint to provide a service package to complement ZeroPlus' long distance service.

Under terms of the agreement, Audiopoint will provide ZeroPlus with 50 voice-prompted, commercial free services, including the latest sports scores, flight information, news, business updates, weather reports, daily horoscopes, movie reviews, and the ability to listen and respond to e-mail messages by phone.

The first application of the communications services package will be available through a new line of telephones that are scheduled for release this summer by Uniden. No information from Uniden on specific models or features was available at press time.

The phones will provide access to an array of information and services. The customer does not need Internet access, a Web-enabled mobile phone, or a computer. At the push of a few buttons on the phone, all voice portal and long-distance traffic will be carried over the nationwide ZeroPlus VoIP network.

ZeroPlus expects to gain revenue from the sales of the enhanced communications service packages that will be offered to purchasers of the new line of Uniden phones.

Audiopoint will be paid a flat rate per minute for the aggregate use of its services.

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