Sound-offs Unite at SBN

By Amy Gilroy On Apr 19 2004 - 6:00am

Spring Break Nationals (SBN) this year drew crowds numbering approximately 20,000 and attracted a record number of exhibitors, totaling about 100, said IASCA president and SBN founder, Paul Papadeas.

In addition, the annual car stereo spring rite became the first shared venue for contests by all four major soundoff organizations (IASCA, dB Drag Racing, USAC and MECA). Over 300 cars were judged during the competitions, said Papadeas.

This year also saw the first official bass boxing competition, where two cars enter an arena and compete against each other for the loudest and most musical system. Next year, SBN plans to expand on the new format.

Papadeas is also trying to bring the music back into competitions. "SPL became the science of sound, how many dBs you could squeeze out of a vehicle. While I applaud these guys who spend hours, weeks and months trying to squeeze another dB out of their systems, I want people leaving here saying 'I want this in my car', and you're not going to get that with a lot of test tones." IASCA is introducing new test software to measure musicality as well as volume.

Sponsors for this year's spring break included Sirius Satellite Radio, Advance Auto Parts and eBay.

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