Siemens Adds New Features To 2.4GHz Cordless Line

By Greg Scoblete On Aug 20 2001 - 6:00am

Siemens is introducing a new selection of single-line, multiuser 2.4GHz cordless-phone systems and adding new features such as voice dialing, and voice-announced caller ID.

Two models in each of two new Gigaset series — the 4000 and 4200 series — are due in September. They serve as replacements for the company's previous selection of single-line phones, the 2000 series, which consisted of four SKUs.

The new 4200 series is the company's first 2.4 GHz expandable cordless phone system with GigaVoice — a suite of voice-related features that enable voice-activated dialing and voice-announced caller ID, which uses the individual user's voice.

All system functions, including answering machine operation and caller ID, are accessible from any Gigaset 4000 or 4200 cordless handset anywhere in the home.

Siemens' GigaVoice voice-operated controls let users place calls using commands spoken into any Gigaset 4200 handset. For example, when a user says "Dad's Office," the system will recognize the voice and words as an instruction to place a call to the number listed in its phone's directory for "Dad's Office."

The voice-recognition technology found in the Gigaset 4200 series can correctly recognize voices from four different users and support three languages: English, Spanish and French.

GigaVoice voice-announced caller ID lets users hear who's calling before picking up the phone. For example, users will hear their own voice saying "Mom's Calling" when the phone rings, alerting them that they'd better pick up if they know what's good for them.

The voice-announced caller ID system recognizes up to 20 names and numbers from the directory, eliminating the need to have the handset within reach to see who is calling.

The Gigaset 4200 Series consists of two models. The Gigaset 4215 is a single-line expandable phone system (supporting up to four handsets) with digital answering machine, GigaVoice, and full-duplex speakerphone in the handset for a suggested $179.99. The Gigaset 4210 is a single-line expandable phone system (also up to four handsets) with GigaVoice and full-duplex handset speakerphone for $149.99. Additional cordless handsets with charging stand and full duplex speakerphone will retail for $99.99.

The Gigaset 4000 Series also consists of two models. The Gigaset 4015 is a single-line expandable phone system (up to three handsets) with digital answering machine for $129.99. The Gigaset 4010 is a single-line expandable phone system (up to four handsets) for $99.99. Additional cordless handsets for the two systems are available at $79.95.

When multiple Gigaset 4200 series handsets are used, the phones also operate as intercoms and room monitors, and they allow for call transfers and call conferencing among handsets. The same applies for the 4000 series phones, minus the room monitor function.

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