Samsung, Motorola Lead In Cell Shelf Share: IFR

By Joseph Palenchar On Jul 21 2008 - 6:00am

Samsung and Motorola were the brands appearing most often on the more than 350 cellphone models displayed in U.S. retail stores during the first four months of the year, IFR Monitoring and Analysis found.

For the January-April period, Samsung's name appeared on 27.1 percent of the phones on display, and Motorola's name appeared on 25.4 percent, said IFR, which monitors product placement within stores by brand, model and price. LG's name appeared on 16.4 percent, followed by RIM with 7.5 percent, Nokia with 7.2 percent, Sanyo with 4 percent, HTC with 3.3 percent, SonyEricsson with 3.2 percent, Palm with 3.2 percent and Sharp with 1.3 percent.

'Although it beat Motorola in shelf share during the period, Samsung actually had fewer SKUs on display at retail outlets, indicating that Samsung's SKUs were displayed more times within a store or in more outlets compared to Motorola, IFR said. From January through April, 69 Samsung SKUs were displayed at retail, but 109 Motorola SKUs were. LG had 55 models, followed by Nokia's 31 and RIM's 29.

In April, the two cellphones displayed more often than any other in U.S. retail stores were the Motorola RAZR V3 and Nokia 6555, each holding a 2 percent shelf share, IFR found. All told, the 10 phones with the most shelf share accounted for 16 percent of all cellphones displayed during the month, IFR said. Six of those 10 models were Motorola phones, two were from Samsung, and Nokia and LG each had one model in the top 10.

April's top 10 models, in order of shelf share, were the Motorola RAZR V3, Nokia 6555, Motorola C-139, Motorola W-385, Motorola W-940, Motorola RAZR V2, Samsung M-300, Motorola V-170, LG VX-8350, and LG SGH-A707.

The RAZR V3 retailed on average for $16.66 with two-year contract with T-Mobile, IFR said. The prices with two-year contract with other carriers were $19.99 with Verizon, $23.33 with Sprint, and $32.85 with AT&T. Nokia's 6555 was available only on the AT&T network and averaged $23.18 with two-year contract.

Also in April, IFR found that Samsung's most visible model was the M-300, LG's was the VX-8350, and RIM's was the 8830.

IFR also tracks advertised pricing, promotion and placement of products by more than 2,000 retailers across the U.S. and Canada in ROP newspaper ads and newspaper inserts.

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