Cerwin-Vega, /a/d/s Return

Staff On Dec 22 2003 - 8:00am

Both a/d/s/ and Cerwin-Vega will be making their re-entries into the market at CES next month, after their respective purchases by Directed Electronics and The Stanton Group.

From a/d/s/ are new 2- and 3-series lines at similar price points to the former a/d/s/ lines. Directed said it is committed to maintaining "the mystique of the brand and its sound quality," and that it has improved on quality control, according to audio product category manager John Durbin.

"The speakers were designed by a well-known U.S. designer who has been involved with the brand in the past," Durbin said.

New models include 5¼- and 6.5-inch versions in each of the 2 and 3 series lines. The 2 series models can convert from component to coaxial speakers by removing the phase plug from the woofer and installing a housing pedestal for the tweeter. Prices for the 2 series range from $349 to $399 and 3 series models range from $649 to $699.

Cerwin-Vega will show at CES next month its first line of car amplifiers as well as new flagship subwoofers.

The company's first amplifiers are available in the entry level XL line or mid-priced EXL series. XL units range from the 50 watt by 2 model XL 502 at $139 to the 600 watt mono XL600 at $399. The EXL ranges from a 75 watt by 2 amp at $249 to a 1,000 watt mono amp at $599.

Cerwin-Vega subwoofers include the Stroker Pro 15Q, which carries an estimated price of $899. Also new is a component 6-by-9-inch speaker in the V-Mag series.

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