Advertised Cellular Phone Prices April 2002

Staff On Jun 17 2002 - 6:00am

Advertised Cellular Phone Prices April 2002
Brand/ModelNo. Of Ads$ Low$ High$ Median
NOKIA 33609380.99129.9949.99
SAMSUNG SGHA-40056729.99199.9949.99
ERICSSON T-60D52239.0089.9939.99
NOKIA 328551319.9599.9929.99
NOKIA 51654271.00129.9979.99
MOTOROLA I-90C42449.99299.99199.99
NOKIA 33903249.99109.999.99
MOTOROLA V-6025349.00249.99249.99
MOTOROLA T-1932469.9969.9969.99
MOTOROLA V-120C (2)2249.9949.9949.99
ERICSSON T-60LX2001.0099.9999.99
SAMSUNG SPHN-20020099.99149.99149.99
ERICSSON R-3001979.9949.9919.99
SONY ERIC. T-61Z18639.9949.9939.99
MOTOROLA TIMEPORT-280C164129.99129.99129.99
NOKIA 512514579.9979.9979.99
KYOCERA QCP-21351289.9969.9949.99
LG TP-5250125149.99199.99199.99
MOTOROLA V-120C12319.0099.9549.99
MOTOROLA I-1000PLUS (2)12089.99189.9999.99
ERICSSON T-6012039.9599.9969.99
NOKIA 5180I11779.9979.9979.99
NOKIA 8260TAB11379.9979.9979.99
PANASONIC EBTX-3101021.00249.99129.99
HANDSPRING TREO-18098399.99549.99549.99
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Source: Beyen ©TWICE 2002

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