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Gal Alxy Note
Its a NON event...Only those hardened Apple heads are waiting in line...
Apple's iPhone 8 Goes On Sale Today

Robert Lieto
Service is a hard one to make money on and the Geek Squad is not the force that can turn that around for it requires intensive knowledge on many
Best Buy Spicing Up Its Services Menu

Amazon Vendors Beware
Can I search The Robinson–Patman Act of 1936 (or Anti-Price Discrimination Act, Pub. L. No. 74-692, 49 Stat. 1526 (codified at 15 U.S.C. § 13
Amazon Brings Hands-Free Alexa To New Fire HD 10

Retail Vet
You go all year satisfied with the business and profit you eek out daily...only to give it away to customers that you may never see again! Why d
Black Friday Predictions

Tim FL
Mike Mohan is hanging in there...a good guy from the Good Guys days!!You Go Mike!
Best Buy Spicing Up Its Services Menu

Wong Chee
Offering Service as an enhancement to a "real" promotional beat would have saved Tweeter. Unfortunately neither was handled well by the incumbe
Best Buy Spicing Up Its Services Menu

Here is how this works. Vulture capitalists buy a corporation, sticking the company with the long-term debt used to buy it. Then they suck out
Toys‘R’Us Joins Chapter 11 Club

Pete Putman
I wouldn't even bother hitting the stores on Black Friday. Historically, the best deals on televisions are offered in the 2-3 weeks leading up t
Black Friday Predictions

Viejo Jubilado
Did they ask for a Tax break like Amazon is doing?
Walmart To Open New HQ In Bentonville

Craig Gottschalk
My question is, will the 4k ATV be able to stream audio to the homepods? I would love a couple of homepods to be my home theater sound system. i
The Apple TV Refresh Was Long Overdue

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