By: Jeff Joseph | March 19, 2014

Setting The Record Straight On UHD

On behalf of the manufacturers, retailers and content developers who are members of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), we want to set the record straight on Ultra High Definition Television (UHD TV).  We’re bullish about UHD.  It is our future — the next step forward in the ongoing evolution in the home video entertainment experience.  Our quantitative and qualitative research, as well as public demonstrations, consistently show that when consumers view

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By: Steve Smith | March 14, 2014

2ND Annual TWICE VIPs Starts Today

From the “How Fast Time Flies Dept.” is news that nominations are being accepted, beginning today, for TWICE’s second annual VIP Awards program at Manufacturers can go to the site and nominate their products from now until Monday, April 14.

Voted on only by retailers and distributors, the TWICE VIPs are based on product features, product design and value to consumers. They must be products that have been

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By: Steve Smith | March 06, 2014

Staples: Guilty By Association?

Two major chains in this business both announced financials this week, and some online “pundits” have lumped them together, with their futures being described as precarious at best.

On the one hand, we have RadioShack, which reported quarterly and full-year losses, announced it would close up to 1,100 stores, and has had problems with branding, merchandising and

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By: Keith Lehmann | March 05, 2014

Consumer Electronics And The “Always-On Consumer”

Consulting firm Vivaldi Partners recently released a study of the many behaviors of a group they call the “always-on consumer” (or AOC).  This study illustrates a drastic change in the way connected consumers discover and engage companies in pursuit of products and services that are relevant to their connected lives.  The entire report can be accessed by clicking here

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By: Greg Tarr | March 05, 2014

Dish Disney Deal Swaps Ads For Flexibility

It’s been a busy week so far for Dish Network. On Monday, the satellite-TV provider reached a long-term carriage agreement with The Walt Disney Co. that includes putting limits on its controversial Auto-Hop ad-skipping service for ABC’s programming, and then revealed its Dish Anywhere remote viewing app will now be available on Kindle Fire HDX tablets in addition to iPads and Android devices.

Although the two announcements were not directly related, the two have

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By: David Anderson | March 03, 2014

Will Bricking Smartphones Thwart Theft?

According to industry analyst Gartner, 435 million smartphones were sold worldwide in the second quarter of 2013 alone. Smartphone theft is also on the rise: Consumer Reports said that 1.6 million phones were stolen from US consumers in 2012.

Smartphone and mobile device

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By: Alan Wolf | February 28, 2014

Best Buy Adds Dialogue Coaching To Support Services

Oscar nominee Jonah Hill owes Best Buy a huge shout-out, whether or not he wins Best Supporting Actor this weekend.

He explained on the talk show circuit how he prepared for his role in “The Wolf of Wall Street” as the fast-talking, drug-addled securities felon Donnie Azoff by calling Target and Best

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By: Joseph Palenchar | February 27, 2014

DTS Measures Audio’s Pleasure Potential

“Young Frankenstein” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” come to mind whenever someone talks to me about putting an electrode-embedded headcap on your head. But that’s just what the mad scientists at DTS did to make the point that improving a tablet’s audio quality will improve the mobile entertainment experience more than improving video quality.

For its experiments on human subjects, DTS hired Neuro-Insight, a “neuromarketing”

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By: Richard Glikes | February 21, 2014

‘Share Doesn’t Pay The Bills. Profits Do!’

Whenever my appendages hit the keyboard, this philosophical entity invades my body and out spews idyllic ideas.

I’m thinking about manufacturers caught in this web called growth. Typically, it’s top line growth. How much more can we sell? Are there new customers somewhere that are untapped?

Then invariably I get a call along the lines of, “Richard, we’ve made a decision to add this dealer, or this buying group, or this chain.” My first reaction,

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By: Anna Gray | February 20, 2014

Pssst … You Are Not Alone

Last week while watching the new Google Glass gaming ad, I had a frightening premonition. I could see myself on a train sitting next to a person caught in a gaming trance: the state where your thumbs are pounding away on a keyboard and you’re swaying rapidly from side to side. The eyes are rapidly twitching, and they’re whispering excited words of encouragement to their avatar — except I can’t see this game. I’m denied the pleasure of watching you play, and

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