By Daniel Lee on Nov 12 2008 - 1:00am

TVs As Stocking Stuffers

Shopping for the holidays? Think of it this way: Putting a TV in someone’s stocking will help the economy!


There are predictions that with the economy in its current state, the upcoming holiday season will be one of the worst seen in years. And while we don’t like to be so pessimistic, we tend to agree that consumers might be a little pickier when it comes to holiday shopping this year. While some Americans will spend as they normally do, analysts and media believe that most consumers will pinch pennies and look for ways to save some of their hard-earned cash.


With that in mind, many companies are taking action to help ease the burden that comes with holiday spending. Many are lowering prices, offering promotions and issuing coupons to help consumers buy the ultimate holiday gift without having to sacrifice quality or even luxury. For example, Hitachi is offering coupons with some of the retailers that carry our current line of televisions. Hitachi will instate our annual price changes just in time for the holiday season.


All of these incentives and bargains should help drive the consumer back into the store, which is where we need them to be to get the economy rolling again. Hopefully, this holiday season will help the economy, instead of causing people not spend money.


The question will be: Where will these consumers shop? Will they shop online, will they shop at specialty stores or will they shop the retail giants? Regardless of what retail channel they opt for, it seems that perhaps that a new, sleek 1.5-inch UltraThin Hitachi display might make the perfect holiday gift — and that purchase might just help us avoid a recession as well.


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