By Steve Smith on Oct 28 2008 - 11:32am

A New Blog From TWICE

Here is a brief heads-up from yours truly about a new blog we are introducing this week, called “Executive Insight.”


TWICE has decided to add an industry voice (actually what turns out to be a choir) to our blog area.


For the first time online we have handpicked several top manufacturers, such as LG Electronics, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony and Mitsubishi, among others, as well as CEA and CEDIA when it applies to the supplier side of the business, to contribute to this blog.


In style, “Executive Insight” is similar to “Reporter’s Notebook” — a team effort of several voices in one blog.


What’s different is that in “Executive Insight” you will get the manufacturers’ point of view on industry issues and trends, technology issues, marketing changes, statistical reports — really commentary and insights on anything and everything going on in consumer electronics.


And we have urged our contributors to resist the temptation of becoming overtly promotional in their entries.


First up is blogger Rick Clancy of Sony discussing the economy.


This is new for and new for them, and we hope you find this new blog informative and entertaining. And, of course, through Talkback I know you’ll let us know how you like this approach.

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