By Steve Smith on Feb 28 2013 - 4:40pm

CBS Star Kaley Cuoco Tweets Dish’s Praises

Here’s another item you can put in the “What were they thinking?” department: Kaley Cuoco, star of the CBS comedy “The Big Bang Theory”, tweeted support for Dish’s Hopper in a paid endorsement.

According to The, this tweet didn’t mention the Auto Hop, its commercial-skipping feature. CBS, and the other broadcast networks, are suing Dish over the product because you can avoid watching commercials. The tweet did revive the entire CNET - “Best of CES” awards controversy at CES last month.

kaley Cuoco

If you remember CNET, owned by CBS, disqualified Dish’s Hopper with Sling as its “Best of Show” product due to “active litigation involving our parent company.” That resulted in the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), owner and producer of International CES, reinstating Dish’s Hopper as the “Best of Show” product along with the Razer Edge gaming tablet and CEA looking for a new partner to run the “Best of CES” program.

The said he tweet is now off of Cuoco’s feed after they inquired about it, with no comments from CBS or Cuoco.

Of course this gave a great opportunity for Dish to revive the whole CES awards issue by releasing a statement that included this quote by Dish president/CEO Joe Clayton, “It’s disappointing that CBS – once the exemplar of editorial independence and innovation – continues to use its heavy hand to hold back progress from consumers.”

Good PR for Dish and a black eye for CBS once again on this issue.

All of which begs two questions: Didn’t Cuoco or her managers know about the legal battle between the network that employs her, CBS, and Dish? And, after the heavy handed move CBS made with CNET at CES did they really tell Cuoco to cut the tweet?

My opinion is that sometimes you just have to leave well enough alone and not respond to every slight.

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