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By: Greg Andrews |

TV Tip overs – The Emerging Threat

Nothing enhances your entertainment experience like a huge new flat-panel TV.

The larger sizes are definitely a selling point, but this could also be a

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By: Alex Rivera |

Don't Give Up The Ship When Out Of Work

I saw the best minds of my generation … unemployed in masses.

Unexpected unemployment is plaguing our industry at unprecedented levels. What was once

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By: Gary Yacoubian |

The Next Sound Revolution

As the number of dedicated AV shops dwindles and mainstream misconceptions about audiophiles and hifi swarm, many high performance audio manufacturers and retailers

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By: Jordy Leiser |

Customer Service: The New Differentiator For CE Retail

I probably look at my iPhone 50 times a day to check my email. Rarely do I actually use it to make a phone call.

But, interestingly, if I have a question for

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By: Richard Glikes |

Don’t Sell Yourself Short On Labor

Recently I attended the Ipro annual conference in Ft. Lauderdale. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Ipro, it is the independent manufacturers’

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By: Pam Golden |

Six Steps To PR Success At CES

Time is running out. If you haven’t already created and started to execute your public relations program for the 2014 International CES, then before you sit

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By: Stephen Baker |

Anchors Aweigh

As the holiday season fast approaches, the big question is what’s going to happen in the electronics market. There has been a lot of discussion about the

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By: Bill Matthies |

Disruptive Innovation In Vehicle Electronics

I’ve been involved with CE since 1978 and can’t recall a time when some to many weren’t predicting the demise of the 12-volt aftermarket.

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By: Bill Matthies |

One Tip About the Value of Gen Marketing Tips: Useless

What do you think of the plethora of stories telling you what Generation (fill in the blank) wants and how to reach them?  Mainstream media, often including

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By: Warren Mann |

When Independents Ruled The CE/Appliance Market

With a rapidly shifting contemporary marketplace – from product and share to the ascendancy of so many fresh Asian factories – it’s interesting to

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