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By: John Strohbeen |

Speakers May Be The Weakest Link Audio Systems

When you've been in the audio business for a while, family friends, friends — and even friends of— assume that you know something, or at least more

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By: Chet Kanojia |

Aereo’s Founder On ‘Protect My Antenna’ Initiative

Last December, we agreed to the broadcasters’ request to seek review of their claims by the United States Supreme Court. We made that decision because we

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By: Delara Derakhshani |

CU: Time Warner Cable/Comcast Merger Bad For Consumers

Consumers stand to lose out if Comcast and Time Warner Cable are allowed to merge, according to Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy division of Consumer

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By: Gregory Yankelovich |

The First One Now Could Later Be Last

It is only a matter of time and success rate before competitors re-engineer the functionality of your new product or service, and bring to the market a newer,

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By: Daniel Pidgeon |

Outboarding Hurts All Of Us

I have been involved with the consumer electronics (CE) industry most of my life. Like many of you, I eat, sleep, and drink consumer technology. I can’t seem

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By: Enrique Muyshondt |

How A Small Company Can Get Big Results In D.C.

My introduction to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) was through the International CES, which, for many in the tech industry, serves as a yearly pilgrimage

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By: Jeff Joseph |

Setting The Record Straight On UHD

On behalf of the manufacturers, retailers and content developers who are members of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), we want to set the record straight

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By: Keith Lehmann |

Consumer Electronics And The “Always-On Consumer”

Consulting firm Vivaldi Partners recently released a study of the many behaviors of a group they call the “always-on consumer” (or AOC).  This

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By: David Anderson |

Will Bricking Smartphones Thwart Theft?

According to industry analyst Gartner, 435 million smartphones were sold worldwide in the second quarter of

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By: Richard Glikes |

‘Share Doesn’t Pay The Bills. Profits Do!’

Whenever my appendages hit the keyboard, this philosophical entity invades my body and out spews idyllic ideas.

I’m thinking about manufacturers caught

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