Sega Announces Xbox Game Titles

Staff On Apr 16 2001 - 6:00am

TOKYO — Sega and Microsoft announced at the 2001 Tokyo Game Show that they have entered a long-term alliance that will bring Sega game titles to Microsoft's Xbox video game system, slated for a fall delivery in the United States.

Sega announced an initial 11-title schedule to premiere "many of Sega's upcoming games on the Microsoft Xbox console," the company said.

"We believe that Microsoft will be very successful with Xbox, which is why we have such a close, strategic relationship with them," said Peter Moore, Sega of America president. "Our world-renowned development studios have been very impressed with the Xbox hardware, and they are excited to bring new gaming experiences to consumers by utilizing the platform's power and network capabilities. We share Microsoft's commitment to broadband online gaming and will work with it to deliver the best content possible to gamers."

"The creative artists at Sega not only are going to deliver great Xbox games, they will help us establish the benchmark for great Xbox gaming experiences both on and offline," said Robbie Bach, chief Xbox officer (CXO) at Microsoft.

The first games will include the tentatively titled Jet Grind Radio Future, GUNVALKYRIE and the latest versions of Panzer Dragoon and Sega GT.

In addition, Sega said it would utilize the Xbox video game system's broadband online gaming capabilities.

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