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By Staff On Mar 24 2003 - 8:00am

APC Debuts Power Case for Mobile Devices

WEST KINGSTON, R.I. — American Power Conversion (APC) is launching a family of innovative, stylish notebook power carrying cases designed to change the way mobile users power their devices. The APC TravelPower Case incorporates a single power adapter that helps ensure mobile devices such as notebook computers and cellular phones are constantly charged and ready to use.

The TravelPower Case features three input power plugs (AC, car, and airplane) that allow users to connect to an available power source wherever they are. It also features a single power adapter that recharges up to three electronic devices, including a notebook, all at the same time, without removing anything from the case. A USB charger port permits charging of two additional mobile devices, such as cellphone and PDA, while specially designed internal pockets provide easy access to all mobile accessories and other case contents.

Two sizes and styles include a 1,000-cubic-inch synthetic leather briefcase and a 1,300-cubic-inch case made of tough ballistic nylon. Both feature a spill-proof, detachable pouch that provides discreet storage for personal belongings, and shock-absorbing padding on all six sides to deliver high-quality protection for a notebook. Covered by a standard two-year warranty and available this month, the TravelPower Cases have suggested retails of $99.99 and $129.99.

APC has also added an International Notebook Plug Adapter Kit to its mobile product offering. The kit contains four different plug adapters in a convenient carrying case that allows notebook users access to local power in more than 150 countries worldwide. It is fully compatible with the TravelPower Case and has an estimated retail of $19.99.

Also new from APC is the Back-UPS ES 725, a complete broadband power protection solution for home networking equipment. The unit offers high-level surge protection for high-speed Internet lines, including cable modem, DSL, telephone, Ethernet, single-line phone/fax, modem and DSS systems, and provides battery backup for a desktop PC, monitor, hubs/routers and other electronic equipment in case of a power failure.

The newly designed unit offers up to 60 minutes of run time and eight outlets to accommodate several peripherals. It comes equipped with USB connectivity and includes APC's PowerChute Personal Edition software, an easy-to-use safe system shutdown program with sophisticated power management functions for use with Windows (XP, ME, and 98) and Macintosh OS X operating systems.

Eight high-powered outlets (four "battery plus surge" and four "surge only") provide protection for additional desktop peripherals and can accommodate two transformer block-shaped plugs. The UPS has a space-saving, strip-shaped form factor and user-replaceable batteries and incorporates an intelligent battery management system that maximizes battery performance and reliability. It has an Equipment Protection Policy of $50,000 and ships with a Data Recovery Warranty and free trial of firewall software. Now available, its suggested retail is $99.99.

01 Communique Demonstrates Remote PC Access

TORONTO — 01 Communique is demonstrating its I'm InTouch Version 3.1, a remote access and control service that gives users access to their files, network drives, e-mail, streaming video, contacts and calendar information stored on their desktop PC using the Internet and any wired or wireless device. I'm InTouch easily integrates with wireless PDAs and cellphones, offering individuals convenient access to their calendar and contact information, and the ability to receive notification of new e-mails on their cellphones or wireless PDAs.

The upgraded version incorporates a new remote control feature that allows users to easily connect to their computer and get full access to any desktop application or setting by using a regular Internet browser. The remote control feature also presents an enhanced technical support application for end-users and resellers.

Computer users who subscribe to I'm InTouch and require technical assistance from any vendor to solve a software or system problem can give help desk technicians remote access to their computer, even if the technician doesn't have the I'm InTouch service. This feature also allows resellers to troubleshoot customer computer problems when they include I'm InTouch as part of their service package.

01 Communique is also featuring Communicate! v10.0, designed to convert a PC into an intelligent message center so users can manage their voice and fax messages from anywhere in the world. The product answers calls with users' own pre-recorded message or standard greeting, and users can customize their voice mail system to hold an unlimited number of password-protected mailboxes.

Communicate! v10.0 delivers all the benefits of PC faxing, allowing users to create, receive and forward clear, spotless faxes, and it also includes broadcast fax capabilities.

Communicate! i2000 is an easy-to-use, intuitive interface and comprehensive contact manager that takes the hassle out of organizing voice, fax, pager and e-mail messages. Designed to be the ultimate communications tool, Communicate! i2000 provides support of multiple voice/fax modems, allowing users to easily set up their own answering service with several mailboxes and broadcast voice/fax messages. It also adds advanced video capabilities to enable users to conduct live videophone conferencing and video monitoring of home or office while they're away.

STI Certified Products Spotlights Media Storage Solution

FREMONT, CALIF. — STI Certified Products is highlighting its new RIMS (Removable Interlocking Media Storage) for CDs and DVDs. RIMS' patented locking mechanism allows users to build their own media rack for convenient disc storage, organization and space maximizing.

RIMS feature a hinge design that allows for stackability, permitting consumers to safely add onto their storage rack without the risk of the tower toppling over. Once securely stacked and locked, the patented spine design releases the tray mechanism that allows specific discs to slide out with ease. The slide-out trays also provide portability, fitting into an optional wallet binder for taking music on the road.

RIMS comes in packs of 5, 10, 25 and 50 interlocking cases. The system is available in five colors — red, blue, yellow, green and clear — both to create a stylish look and to facilitate categorizing and organizing discs. Labels are provided free in each pack and can be used either hand-written or printed through a free software download. The RIMS family of products also includes a variety of furniture options.

Samsonite Unveils New Computer Case Designs

DENVER — Samsonite is launching its newest line of computer cases, made of durable performance materials and offering benefits including protection, mobility, comfort and increased organization in new, modern designs that accommodate the latest laptop sizes. Fifteen new cases make up the collection, comprising four different categories — Thin and Light, Traditional, Mobile Office, and Business Casual — that address the specific requirements of the business traveler.

The Thin and Light cases are lightweight, compact and portable and are constructed of durable 600-denier polyester. They feature extra padded laptop compartments with 3mm of foam thickness for maximum laptop protection. The Smart Pocket feature slides over the handle of any upright luggage for easy transport. Gusseted pockets with organization features are also included. Three models include the L25 Ultra Portable Case, L35 Notebook Case and L45 Notebook Plus Case.

A line of Traditional cases are constructed with EVA foam backing, reinforced protective corners, padded laptop compartments with 3mm of foam/honeycomb frame and comfortable gel-infused shoulder strap padding. Made of either durable 1,680-denier ballistic nylon fabric or genuine full-grain leather, the cases feature accordion file holders and other convenience features. Available are the XT 350 Compact Notebook Case, XT 450 Front Flap Notebook Case, XT 470 Side Pocket Notebook Case, XT 580 Deluxe Notebook Case, XT 530 Office Notebook Case and XT 780 Leather Notebook Case.

The Mobile Office cases incorporate smooth rolling wheels with retractable locking handles and padded case handles. Constructed of 1,680-denier ballistic nylon fabric with EVA foam backing, the cases feature padded laptop compartments with 3mm of foam and gusseted pockets for organization and easy access. Two styles are the Business One Mobile Office, which combines business and personal packing compartments for travel efficiency on overnight trips, and the Side Loader Mobile Office, which features a protective side-loading laptop compartment.

A selection of Business Casual cases offers modern designs with functional features. Made of durable 600-denier polyester fabric or full-grain leather, the cases incorporate protective laptop compartments with 3mm of foam, TPR grip handle, and gusseted pockets with organization features. Designed in messenger and backpack styles, the line includes the Ambition Messenger Bag, Caliber Convertible Backpack, Inferno Notebook Case and Leather Backpack.

Samsonite is also unveiling new backpacks to meet the unique needs of the college market, in fashion colors including key lime, bluestar, orange and green. Designed with "max" comfort padding in key areas, including back and shoulder straps, the backpacks utilize technical fabrics that are double-stitched at stress points for extra durability. Styles include traditional backpacks, messenger bags and slings.

Also new is the SideRoller carry-on, a unique upright designed to glide virtually effortlessly down narrow airplane aisles. The six-wheel design consists of two shock-absorbing SoftSpin wheels and four smaller, precisely located side-rolling wheels that allow travelers to navigate tight, crowded spots. A honeycomb frame construction adds strength without adding unnecessary weight, and the interior compartments and removable organizer are designed to secure clothes and make contents more visible for security personnel. The SideRoller is available in Silhouette 8 Carry-on Upright Suiter of 1680- ballistic nylon, and Ultra 3000 Carry-On of 3000-denier polyester Fibreloc fabric.

Technuity Rolls Out Energizer Brand UPS Products

CARMEL, IND. — Technuity, exclusive distributor of the new Energizer Uninterruptible Power Supply line, is demonstrating six Energizer UPS models for consumer and business users. Designed to protect personal computers, home theater systems and business servers from power surges, spikes, brownouts and outages, the all-in-one UPS products automatically save open files and safely power down systems when threatening power irregularities arise.

All the UPS products feature visual and audible warning indicators, Internet-ready phone/fax/modem hook-ups, two to six backup outlets, automatic voltage regulation (AVR), USB connectivity and user-replaceable batteries. They offer up to 32 minutes run time, and come with user-friendly FileSaver software that automatically saves and shuts down the system when power irregularities occur. The UPS units include an equipment protection policy up to $100,000 and are covered by a three-year warranty.

The Energizer UPS line includes the ER-HM400, designed for the home user, and offers a lightweight, compact, stylish design, the ER-HMOF600, created for the home office user and constructed with a boxy design and the ER-HT400, designed specifically for use with home theater products, which delivers up to 400 volt-amps. Also available for office use are the ER-OF800, ER-PRO1000 and ER-PRO1400, which protect equipment up to 800 volt-amps, 1,000 volt-amps and 1,400 volt-amps, respectively. Retails for the line range from $279.99 to $599.99.

Also featured from Technuity are Energizer ACCU Rechargeable digital camera batteries and camcorder batteries, designed to power many of the top-selling digital cameras and camcorders on the market today. The batteries equal or exceed OEM standards, and reflect the latest technologies available, including nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion.

Susteen Launches Newest DataPilot Version

IRVINE, CALIF. — Susteen is showcasing its new DataPilot version 2.8.3, the latest release of its cutting-edge communication software that allows simple transfer of contact information between a user's mobile phone, PC, Palm Desktop and other PDAs. The software interfaces with the contact management software running on a user's PC, as well.

Positioned as an all-in-one, complete solution for the mobile phone user, DataPilot supports phone book management, ring tone editor, data connectivity (dial-up to the Internet) and screen saver editor based on phone models. Another key feature is its interoperability with the most widely used contact management software, such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and ACT!, which allows back-and-forth transfer and editing of contacts.

DataPilot is also the only product in its class to allow users the ability to switch from any model/brand of mobile phone to another without the need to buy new software (as long as the specific models are supported). The software automatically detects the model from an extensive list of manufacturers, including the latest phone models from companies including Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericcson, LG, Samsung, Sanyo, Kyocera, Audiovox, Nextel and Siemens.

Creo Demonstrates Six Degrees Software Update

BURNABY, B.C. — Creo is featuring Six Degrees version 1.5, its e-mail driven productivity software that is now faster and smarter. Six Degrees automatically connects and displays related e-mail messages, files and people on the desktop, so that users can navigate through projects in a powerful new way.

Six Degrees automatically builds a comprehensive database of users' important data, helping them find, for example, the most recent version of a file, an e-mail from two weeks ago, or the right contact on an important project. It enables easy navigation of all the files on a computer, with one-click retrieval of files, e-mails, or contacts and it automatically connects project components instantly, in real time without any setup at all. In addition, the software does not require training on how to use it, because it adapts to each user's work style.

With Six Degrees, users can track files with similar names, anywhere on their system and show e-mail threads related to any file on their desktop. They can also generate e-mail filters based on projects or people; create "dynamic" projects with one click; and create links to the e-mail, files, and contact information for a project, regardless of where the objects are on the system.

Six Degrees works with all Microsoft Office suite products, as well as most creative tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, etc.; and requires Windows 2000 or XP with Microsoft Outlook 2000, or Mac OS X with Microsoft Entourage X. Suggested retail is $149.

NPD Techworld Offers Market Intelligence

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. — NPD Techworld, a division of The NPD Group, provides essential sales and marketing information for manufacturers, retailers and distributors in the consumer electronics and information technology industries. The company is geared to provide the most accurate market intelligence available, including what is selling, where, to whom and why.

NPD Techworld combines an unparalleled view of consumer purchasing with critical insight on commercial purchasing, for a complete picture of the technology market. All this information is delivered online in a secure Web-based environment by easy-to-use tools that make information accessible and actionable to a wide range of users — from executives to sales and marketing to research. More than 95 percent of the market-leading companies in the industry rely on NPD Techworld for the knowledge they need to make better business decisions.

Levin Consulting Develops Solutions for Vendors

BEACHWOOD, OHIO — Levin Consulting is showcasing its full line of consulting services, designed to assist technology vendors in such business aspects as speed to market, competitive analysis and long-range goals. The company offers the experience and knowledge to strengthen its clients' teams through services — from strategic planning to brand and technology licensing, mergers, sales management, product launches and channel marketing optimization.

With an average of 22 years in the industry, Levin Consulting's senior team has a rich understanding of the channels that gives clients insight into the competitive landscape. Over 150 technology firms — including IBM, Intel, HP, Canon, Microsoft, Xerox, Case Logic, Cisco, U.S. Robotics, and many others — have used Levin's services to advance in the retail marketplace.

Adaptec Spotlights Storage Access Solutions

MILPITAS, CALIF. — Adaptec is demonstrating the MyDVD Video Suite, designed to enable consumers to easily create their own DVDs. MyDVD Video Suite makes it simple to record and share videos on DVD or CD using the same technology as Hollywood's top DVD producers. The product features wizard-based Direct-to-DVD recording, drag-and-drop DVD design, motion-video menus, DVD photo slide shows and easy video editing. It also allows users to add music, titles and special effects. Suggested retail is $79.99.

Also featured is Adaptec's MyDVD Media Suite, which allows users to create their own DVDs, video CDs, data CD-ROMs, and music CDs in minutes. Built on the same technology used by Hollywood's top DVD production studios, MyDVD Media Suite allows fast and easy conversion of videos and photos into great-looking DVDs and video CDs. Users can capture, edit and share videos; burn MP3s and audio files to CDs; as well as backup data on DVD-ROM or CD-ROM. Suggested retail is $99.99.

Musicmatch Launches New Music Service Suite

SAN DIEGO — Musicmatch is highlighting its new Musicmatch MX, a suite of music services featuring the new Artist On Demand. The services are available through the Plus and Basic versions of Musicmatch Jukebox.

Artist On Demand is an interactive streaming service that offers the easiest way to hear all the music from favorite artists and discover new music. Customers can pick the artists they want to hear from a catalog of more than 8,000 major label artists. A compelling alternative to today's music download services, Artist On Demand gives music fans a constant CD-quality stream of music from their favorite artists, with no advertisements. Features include Artist Playlists, Artist Sets, Auto Shuffle, Advanced Browsing and Related Artists.

Musicmatch MX features two service tiers, Platinum and Gold. The Gold level, formerly called Radio MX, offers a range of listening options, including Artist Match, genre and era stations, My Station, and more, and is available for $4.95 monthly, $11.85 quarterly or $35.40 annually. Platinum includes all the features of the Gold tier plus Artist On Demand, and is available for $6.95 monthly, $17.85 quarterly or $59.40 annually.

The company is also spotlighting its recently introduced Musicmatch Jukebox 7.5, which includes a new portable device manager with full support for iPod for Windows, device drag-and-drop, CD burning enhancements and optimized SuperTagging performance, which makes it even simpler to add track information to an entire library of songs. It offers an easier-than-ever interface, as well as the ability to print up to 150 track titles on a single CD label. Musicmatch Jukebox Basic 7.5 is downloadable at no charge, and the Jukebox Plus 7.5 edition is priced at $19.99.

Also new is the Musicmatch CD Labeler Kit, which includes everything music fans need to create great-looking custom CDs easily and quickly. Fully integrated with Musicmatch Jukebox, the CD Labeler Kit lets users create CD labels, jewel case inserts and booklets with artist information and photos, personal graphics and stock art, with every element of the label design fully customizable, including the background image, text styles and fonts.

A unique feature is that the title, artist and song names will transfer from Musicmatch Jukebox and can be laid out automatically on the label, giving the user a complete and professionally designed CD label in seconds and with minimal effort. Pricing is $24.99.

IBM Updates Speech Technology Lineup

BOCA RATON, FLA. — IBM is showcasing the newest generations of its industry-leading consumer products, based on 40 years of speech recognition research and development. Included are ViaVoice for Windows Release 10, ViaVoice Simply Dictation for Mac OS X, plus ViaVoice Translator and ViaVoice Mobility Suite for iPAQ handheld computers. ViaVoice products offer users a "multi-modal" input environment, freeing them from dependence on the keyboard, mouse and stylus for many applications.

Symbol Technologies Debuts QuickBooks Mobile Integrator

HOLTSVILLE, N.Y. — Symbol Technologies is introducing Captra software, designed to allow small businesses to improve productivity, increase profitability and manage their operations from virtually anywhere. By integrating QuickBooks functionality and Symbol barcode scanning technology on a handheld device, Captra brings new power and efficiency to small businesses.

The powerful Captra software, which integrates with QuickBooks, is specifically designed to replace inefficient methods of operating business while on the road or off-site by eliminating paper files, handwritten estimates and time wasted on data re-entry.

Users simply capture or edit the data once on their PDA, then synchronize it with QuickBooks. The software also allows users to access customer records, product pricing and available inventory from anywhere, in an instant, and create invoices, prepare estimates, issue purchase orders, update data and more.

Captra runs on both the Palm OS and Pocket PC operating systems and is compatible with most handheld devices. Estimated street price is $249.

Maxell Showcases New DVD and CD-R Packaging

FAIR LAWN, N.J. — Maxell is showcasing its new DVD packaging design, which highlights format information to make product selection easier. Central to the new design is an information hierarchy that emphasizes brand, DVD format, capacity and writing speed. This design strategy is further enhanced by a dynamic new color system, intended to make format selection easy while providing a family-look that supports the overall brand communication. The color system utilizes vibrant purple packaging to designate +R and +RW and RAM, while bright blue designates -R and -RW.

On the back of the new packaging, Maxell has designed a comprehensive icon-based information panel that features descriptions of recording and playback compatibility, along with graphs depicting video recording times in various playback modes and hardware compatibility. The back panel also highlights Maxell's live, toll-free 24/7/365 tech-support hotline.

The new packaging design has also been extended to Maxell's DVD Camcorder Video line to make product-purchasing decisions easier. Like the packaging of the full-size DVD line, the DVD Camcorder Video design features an information hierarchy that highlights brand, format and recording capacity. The design echoes the DVD color packaging system, with blue for the -R format and purple for -RAM, with RAM indicated in striking yellow.

Similarly, Maxell is featuring a bold new CD-R Music and CD-R Data packaging design to present a more consumer-friendly communication for easier product purchase decisions. In addition to an information hierarchy that emphasizes brand, format, capacity and writing speed, the design is enhanced by a new color system, with jewel-toned red for CD-R Music and electric teal for CD-R Data. In addition, the CD-R Music packaging emphasizes the "Music" in striking yellow and features musical notes for greater instant identification.

Maxell is also using RetailVision to highlight a new line of labeling kits for CD-R, DVD and Mini-CD media. Called Maxell Createlt, the line includes two kits and five refill packs for additional labels and jewel case inserts. The Createlt labeling kits feature the company's exclusive, patented Sure Fit Applicator, which provides a locking platform that enables users to position the labels precisely for disc placement. Consumers remove the backing of the label from behind, preventing them from touching the adhesive so they cannot compromise the quality of the label.

Maxell's Createlt labeling kits also include Sure Think software (v.3.11) for one-touch downloading of titles and are compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Page Maker, QuarkXpress, Corel Draw and MS Word. These include over 1,500 downloadable images and extra-bright paper.

The Createlt LK-2 label kit contains 208 labels, six jewel case inserts and six jewel case songbooks, and is priced at $19.95. The LK-1 carries a suggested retail of $14.95 and includes 110 labels, five jewel-case inserts, and six jewel-case songbooks. A variety of refill kits ranges in price from $9.99 to $16.99.

Maxell is also featuring is a full line of DVD care and maintenance products, boasting a new bright and bold packaging design that emphasizes the distinction between DVD care items and other care products to reduce consumer confusion and maximize retailers' assortment.

Among the products is the DVD Lens Cleaner, which utilizes Maxell's patented Thunderon cleaning system and features interactive instructions in eight languages, including system set-up, demonstrations of how to use DVD equipment, frequently asked questions and movie trailers. It also includes tests for audio performance, including Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

The DVD-320 Disc Cleaner features an oversized and washable cleaning pad, and comes with an additional cleaning pad for longer life. A Combo Pack, the DVD-325, consists of the DVD-LC Lens Cleaner and DVD-320 Disc Cleaner in one value package. Also part of the care and maintenance selection are the DVD-335 Disc Repair Kit, DVD-338 Cleaning Fluid, DVD-305 Cleaning Cloths, DVD-P4 Marker Pens and DVD-JC Storage Box two-pack.

Smartronix Demonstrates Ethernet Analyzer

CALIFORNIA, MD. — Smartronix is demonstrating its SMTRX-019 Ethernet Analyzer, an economical yet powerful tool for troubleshooting and evaluating LAN equipment. With a design based on the 386EX processor, incorporating on-board flash memory, and using a PDA as the input/output controller, the device costs far less than other network test tools on the market, listing for $699.

The SMTRX-019 capabilities range from low-end cable testing to determine whether an Ethernet wall outlet is live, to high-end network functions such as packet capture and generation. Other key features include DHCP discovery; network load testing; network utilization monitoring, network, protocol and error statistics; manual control of speed and duplex settings; port auto-negotiation test; NIC testing; and higher-level network functions, such as ARP and PING.

Since it is designed around a popular Palm handheld, the Ethernet Analyzer provides an easy-to-learn, touch-screen interface. In addition, the Palm unit may be removed for other applications, for security, or for transferring data to/from a PC; and normal Palm functions may be used while attached to the SMTRX-019 base unit.

The complete SMTRX-019 Ethernet Analyzer kit includes base unit, Palm m105 handheld with manufacturer's kit, base unit link cable, soft carrying case, Category 5 patch cable, four AA nickel-metal hydride batteries and one-hour rapid charger, AC/DC adapter and CD-ROM with user's manual and program files.

Mobility Electronics Debuts All-in-One Mobile Power Adapter

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. — Mobility Electronics is unveiling Juice, the first product that allows users to simultaneously charge their notebooks and mobile phones or handheld devices from any power source — standard wall outlet, auto outlet, boat outlet or airplane outlet.

By combining the functionality of several power devices and compatibility with both AC and DC power sources, Juice eliminates the need to carry a separate notebook AC adapter, mobile phone adapter, and/or handheld/PDA power adapters, with optional Peripheral Powering System (PPS) accessory. Business travelers and other mobile users can now replace bulky power packs and numerous adapters with a single power source, eliminating extra weight and jumbled power cords.

Juice is compatible with more than 600 of today's most popular notebook computers, including brands such as Apple, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu/Siemens, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, IBM, Sony and Gateway. The iGo-branded version of Juice has a suggested retail of $119.99.

Ingenio Unveils Monitor-Equipped Eyeglasses

Aubervilliers, FRANCE — Ingenio is demonstrating Eyetop, the first commercial pair of glasses with an integrated monitor. A real pair of glasses that can be worn anywhere, both day and night, Eyetop features a high-tech eyewear design along with a miniaturized screen in one of the sidepieces.

Eyetop can be connected to all digital devices with a video input, including video cameras, cameras, jukeboxes, etc., as well as to many PCs and PDAs on the market. Its high-resolution color screen is visible in large format on the side, without obstructing the field of view. The wearer looks at the screen with one eye, without any discomfort; and the image on the screen is within the range of the eye for natural access, without interfering with the wearer's visual contact with the surrounding environment.

Eyetop is designed to offer unequalled display comfort for mobile applications, with a screen that is accurate and legible both during the day and at night. The settings are simple and the device can be adapted to all faces. The glasses also provide the greatest possible confidentiality, since while connected to a PC or PDA, the user is the only person to see the information on the screen.

As a pair of glasses, Eyetop is easily folded and slipped in a pocket. The product is durable, and is available with a full range of accessories and packs. These include Eyetop digital, an innovative multimedia player for images, sound and films; Eyetop PDA, which provides the display and allows users to navigate in the system while keeping their hands free; and Eyetop TV.

Landware Features Palm OS Software

ORADELL, N.J. — Landware is highlighting a number of software solutions for use with Palm handhelds. Money Magazine Financial Assistant is designed to let users control their finances with more than 45 self-calculating forms, and quickly solve over 150 financial problems by just filling in the blanks. The program features key financial advice with Money Magazine tutorials, and includes comprehensive finance glossaries, with over 7,200 terms and definitions. It also includes a free trial subscription offer to Money Magazine.

Pocket Quicken is designed to be a mobile Quicken companion, allowing users to track their finances anytime, anywhere from their Palm OS-based handheld. Users can use their Palm handheld to quickly and effortlessly capture and access their Quicken information while they're away from their computer, such as entering receipts by capturing transactions at the point of purchase. Pocket Quicken looks and works like a paper checkbook so there is almost nothing new to learn; and it lets users instantly mobilize their financial data with a single press of the HotSync button.

Landware is also featuring Wine Enthusiast Magazine's Wine Guide for Palm OS handhelds, 2003 Edition. The software enables users to quickly select wines by grape variety, price, quality, style and region, and includes authoritative and up-to-date reviews, ratings and details for over 10,000 wines worldwide. Users can maintain personal tasting records and notes, as well as manage their wine cellar and buying list. The software is also available in writable card media form to facilitate future updates.

Argus Rolls Out New Digital Cameras

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, ILL. — Argus Camera is demonstrating an array of digital cameras with features for a variety of photographic needs, including the PDA-1500, described as the first megapixel CF card camera. Offering 1 megapixel, the camera is WinCE 3.0 or Pocket PC 2002 compatible, and features a rotary head and optical viewfinder. It fits directly into the compact card slot of a Pocket PC, and has a suggested retail of $149.95.

The DC-1540 is a 3-in-1 device that can be used as a digital camera, a PC cam, or a video camera, and when not in use, can be folded up to fit in a pocket or purse. It offers 2MB of internal memory and the convenience of USB plug-and-play compatibility; plus, consumers get everything they need to send video or still images using a PC.

Truly portable, the DC-1540 uses two AAA batteries enabling users to take up to 80 pictures with a resolution of 352 by 288 pixels while away from the computer. It also features a 10-second self-timer, the ability to power off after being idle for 30 seconds, and a frame rate of 25 frames per second for transmitting video images. The camera comes with a comprehensive software package from ArcSoft, and sells for a suggested $34.99 retail.

The SL-2800 is ideal for adventurers with its rugged metal traveling case. It offers 2 megapixels, 16MB flash memory, strobe flash and a rechargeable lithium battery. Its suggested retail is $176.99.

The SL-2820 gives families the functionality of a digital still camera, a video cam, a PC cam and a security cam all in one package. The camera offers 2 megapixels, 1.6-inch TFT display LCD and 2MB of internal flash memory. It has a suggested retail of $161.99.

The DC-3810 offers all the features that serious photographers would demand from a high-end 5 megapixel digital camera with CCD. The camera includes 3X optical zoom, multi-function strobe flash, self-timer, 1.8-inch color LCD screen, auto-focus capability, 16MB internal memory, 12 frame VGA out, TV out and USB interface. Its suggested retail is $499.95.

Argus' USB-1800 and USB-1810 were designed with the tech-savvy consumer in mind. The USB-1800 is a 4-in-1 camera, usable as a digital camera, PC cam, video camera and internal USB port. Offering 16MB internal memory, it can also be used as a storage device for documents and large data files.

The USB-1810 necklace cam is the smallest digital camera available with no drivers, no cables and no slot, eliminating the need to carry extra software and hardware with it. The USB-1810 offers a 350K VGA (640x480 resolution) digital camera and memory stick, a deluxe metal body, 32MB flash memory and rechargeable lithium battery. Both the USB-1800 and USB-1810 have a suggested retail of $99.95.

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