Web Available At Tip Of A Pen

Staff On Mar 12 2001 - 8:00am

LINCOLN, R.I. -The Cross Pen Computing Group, a division of A.T. Cross Co., is offering the Cross: Convergence Pen. This mobile pen-based scanner for print-to-Internet links, makes it possible for users to scan bar codes on thousands of products, as well as publications, with Digital: Convergence Cues.

The Cross scanner pen eliminates the need to memorize lengthy URLs or rely on search engines to find specific information. It is ideal for scanning magazines, products, catalog information or parts and inventory when away from the office or home.

The Cross: Convergence Pen writes on ordinary paper and scans and stores bar code information wirelessly. It stores up to 300 bar codes for later retrieval and download, and runs on two hearing aid batteries.

An OptoLink Coupler uploads up to 300 bar-code Web addresses to a PC at one time, connects to any PC's serial port and will be available with a USB connector in the first quarter.

The pen runs on Digital: Convergence software included with the pen and OptoLink. It is linked via the Internet to a Digital: Convergence-managed database of URLs.

The pen, batteries, installation CD, coupler and pen refill cartridge are available for a suggested $89.99 retail.

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