Universal Electronics Intros Kameleon

By Staff On Aug 22 2005 - 6:00am

Universal Electronics is offering two new universal remotes, the One For All Kameleon 6-Hybrid and the One For All Kameleon 8-RF, both of which are said to enhance the control experience by providing more customized solutions to accommodate the needs of diversifying home environments.

The Kameleon 6-Hybrid offers both hard and soft keys, integrating traditional remote familiarity with advanced control functionality in one “easy-to-use” package. Now merged with the familiar buttons of standard remote controls, the unit offers the combination that gives consumers tactile feedback as well as intuitive flexibility.

Complementing a bright blue display and animated graphics are 33 hard keys that offer consumers quick access to the most frequently used functions such as channel, volume and navigation control. The EL touch panel offers control of such expanded home theater features as HDTV settings, picture in picture and PVR/DVR playback. Suggested retail is $59.99.

The Kameleon 8-RF offers a slim profile, ergonomic design and brightly lighted touch panel. It combines IR transmission with the more powerful RF transmitter, where signals reach target devices inside cabinets or closets. The unit is ideal for home theater layouts that involve tucking devices and wires away from view. Suggested retail is $129.99.

Both the hybrid and RF units offer two new features aimed at giving users additional control over battery life. A motion activated display feature, which enables the Kameleon panel to turn on when it senses motion, can now be disabled by consumers to allow the units to turn on only when a key is pressed. Additionally, the display timeout control can now be customized, allowing the user to modify the amount of time the display stays active.

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