Terk Introduces TV Volume Regulator, Redesigned Pi Line

By Staff On Jan 27 2003 - 8:00am

Leading product introductions from antenna maker Terk Technologies at International CES earlier this month is the TV Volume Regulator, VR-1, a device used to control inconsistent volume levels during television, video and DVD playback.

The VR-1 is said to deliver a consistent, quality audio level while channel surfing, switching between A/V sources or cutting to commercials, without users having to adjust the volume, which could happen as much as 25 times per hour. The VR-1 automatically matches the volume of commercials to the TV program level, eliminating sudden loud noises.

Easy to install and compatible with any A/V device, the VR-1 offers a compact, low-profile design that allows it to be installed out of sight. Suggested retail is $49.95.

Terk also unveiled the redesign of its AM/FM family of antennas. Among the most prominent is the new sleek design of Pi, which combines high-quality components, cutting-edge design and innovative technology.

With the emergence of new technology in radio broadcasting, the AM/FM Pi is designed to be digital broadcast radio-ready. The antenna is easy to install and operate, and offers the option of black and white. Designed to be two antennas in one, the Pi consists of separate AM and FM antennas in a single housing. A built-in signal amplifier can be adjusted to either strengthen reception of weaker or distant signals or to avoid over-boosting of stronger or closer ones. Suggested retail is $49.95.

Terk announced the launching of T2, a new division that offers a line of maximum bandwidth signal-management products designed specifically for high-end custom installations. Included is a unique connector system that mounts products to a wide range of structured enclosures, and allows the use of conventional hardware.

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