Philips' Debuts Pronto Line, New Universal

By Lisa Johnston On Aug 7 2006 - 6:00am

Philips Electronics introduced its Pronto line of remotes (TSU7500, TSU3500 and RFX6500), which are engineered to simplify home entertainment by combining multiple remote controls into one design and by offering a flexible, customizable interface.

The TSU7500 touch-screen remote has a memory capacity from 32MB-48MB, an LCD display with more than 65,000 colors, backward-compatible RF capabilities and IR learning for the unit's database of codes. It has a suggested retail of $999.

The TSU3500 features a display screen that, along with the icons, can be personalized by an installer to meet each consumer's unique needs and preferences. Packaged with advanced ProntoEdit software, installers can program the TSU3500 to users' specifications, said Philips in a release. The TSU3500 has a suggested retail of $499. The unit also includes a charger, docking station and battery for a complete solution in one package.

Compatible with both existing and new Pronto units, the RFX6500 receiver module features an LED that indicates signal interference, enabling installers to place the RF receiver at the best position. The RFX6500 also includes a free-positional antenna that can be rotated in all directions, adding flexibility and ensuring the system is optimized. Installers can connect the unit via the single connection cable for both power and IR signals, as well as increase IR capabilities with the four output ports on the unit itself. The RFX6500 has a suggested retail price of $199.

Philips Electronics also introduced the SRU9600 universal remote control, which is designed to simplify the day-to-day use of the home theater system. It features an onscreen wizard to guide users through programming and a segmented LCD screen that illuminates only the buttons needed for the selected device. Other features include an IR code database, the ability to learn features and functions from other remotes, and the ability to program functions from the original remote.

Its design shows only the keys needed via a touch-sensitive display, and it includes a rotary control cursor. The SRU9600 has a $149 suggested retail.

All are currently available.

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