PC Accessories Sales Hit $2.9B In '05

By Colleen Bohen On Dec 18 2006 - 8:00am

The U.S. aftermarket for electronic and non-electronic computer accessories in 2005 approached $2.9 billion according to data recently released by independent technology market research firm, Venture Development Corporation (VDC), from its research program on computer accessories for desktop and notebook computers. As a result of the study, VDC is anticipating that the category will see nearly 9 percent growth through 2010 with revenue shipments projected to exceed $4.3 billion within five years.

Along with its findings and predictions, VDC pointed to a number of trends it thinks are generally impacting computer accessory sales in both positive and negative ways. For instance, VDC noted that there has been "explosive global adoption" of products like MP3 players, mobile satellite radios and more on the part of consumers and that this has inspired a growing number of computer accessory suppliers to develop products designed specifically for popular products like the Apple iPod and XM Radio. Other factors mentioned were the convergence between office and home entertainment electronics as well as the increase adoption of wireless technologies.

Nearly 62 percent of the total U.S. aftermarket was accounted for by electronic accessories and VDC said the category is poised for 9 percent growth over the next five years. VDC noted that the increasing popularity of online video communication has provided opportunities for still camera makers to enter the PC camera market along with "traditional" video-oriented manufacturers. Also, VDC said that increased Internet usage and a need for ergonomic consumer products have greatly influenced end-user demand for more robust and functional pointing device products.

On the flip side, VDC pointed to key factors that it thinks are negatively impacting the category, including a growing demand for wireless office and networking products which it expects to pose a significant threat to cable manufacturers. Also, it said that the popularity of console gaming has negatively impacted makers of computer game controllers.

In 2005, the non-electronic accessory market saw approximately $1.1 billion in revenue and VDC expects it to approach $1.7 billion in 2010. VDC said it expects an increased demand for ergonomic furniture in the future. Other expected boons to this side of the business include opportunities to provide protection filters as more consumers adopt expensive flat-panel monitor technology as well as the opportunity in the notebook carrying case arena to meet the needs of ever more fashion-conscious consumers looking for products that provide style, comfort and protection.

To learn more about VDC's 2005-2006 Computer Accessories for Desktop and Notebook Computers research program, visit www.vdc-corp.com/oth/accessories.asp.

U.S. Computer Accessory Shipments
Accessory Market20052010
TableSource: Venture Development Corporation ©TWICE 2006

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