Panasonic Unveils Spring DECT Phone Line

By John Laposky On Apr 9 2012 - 4:01am

SECAUCUS, N.J. — Panasonic unveiled six new DECT 6.0 Plus consumer home telephones, including two with Link2Cell technology.

The two new Link2Cell models, the KX-TG7740 and KX-TG7730 series, allow a user to make and receive cellphone calls on any handset via Bluetooth. Once paired, cell phone calls will ring on all compatible Panasonic handsets; users can transfer up to 3,050 entries from a cellphone address book to the handset with a touch of a button.

In addition, iPhone users can import their ringtones to the Link2Cell phone system so that each call rings throughout the home with the same tone as the cellphone.

Link2Cell works with or without landline telephone service.

Also new to Panasonic’s lineup are the KX-TG4740 and KX-TG4730 series, expandable digital cordless answering systems that feature a simplified keypad layout with fewer, larger buttons, making it easier to dial. Each series is equipped with a side volume key on each handset, similar to a cellphone’s, for easy volume adjustment during a call, and allow for up to four-way conference calling.

The KX-TG4753B expandable digital cordless answering system with three handsets includes all the features of the KX-TG4730 series and adds a range extender that doubles the effective transmission distance between the base unit and the cordless handsets.

The Panasonic KX-TG4770 series is an expandable digital answering system with one corded handset and additional cordless handsets which features a large LCD screen on the base unit with a simplified button layout. The cordless handsets feature power backup Operation, a feature exclusive to Panasonic phones, the company said, which allows for up to three hours of talk time after the power has been lost.

All six new phones are equipped with DECT 6.0 Plus technology, which offers increased frequency of error correction of up to 80 times, improving sound quality and extending transmission range, the company said. Additionally, adjustable Tone Equalizer allows users to customize the tone of incoming calls to maximize clarity or accommodate for mild to moderate hearing loss. Depending on the particular hearing loss frequencies, users may boost bass, midrange or treble tones, making voices easier to understand.

Additional features of the 2012 lineup of consumer telephones include: Intelligent Eco mode, which automatically lowers the power consumption when using the handset close to the base unit; Talking Caller ID; a visual indicator on the handset that flashes brightly when there is an incoming call; and Silent mode, Call Block and Handset Locator.

The new phones are now available at Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco and

Pricing and SKU information are as follows:

• KX-TG4734B expandable digital cordless answering system (four handsets), $109; (three handsets) $89.95; KX-TG4732B (two handsets) $69.95;

• KX-TG4745B expandable digital cordless answering system with dial keypad on base (five handsets) $139; KX-TG4744B (four handsets) $119; KXTG4743B (three handsets) $99.95; KXTG4742B (two handsets) $79.95; KXTG4741B (one handset) $59.95;

• KX-TG4753B expandable digital cordless answering system with three handsets: $109;

• KX-TG7733S Link2Cell Bluetooth Convergence Solution (three handsets) $99.95; KX-TG7732S (two handsets) $79.95; KX-TG7731S (one handset) $59.95;

• KX-TG7745S Link2Cell Bluetooth Convergence Solution with dial keypad on base (five handsets): $149; KX-TG7743S (three handsets) $109; KX-TG7742S (two handsets) $89.95; KX-TG7741S (one handset) $69.95;

• KX-TG4771B expandable digital cordless answering system with one corded and one cordless handset $69.95; KX-TG4772B (two cordless handsets) $89.95; KX-TG4773B (three cordless handsets) $109.

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