'Memory Protection' Layer Toughens Discs

Staff On Mar 21 2005 - 8:00am

To allay consumer concerns about CD and DVD disc reliability and longevity, Imation is introducing ForceField, a scratch-resistant coating for Imation CDs and DVDs.

The coating provides a long-lasting “memory protection” layer designed to resist the rigors of everyday use — scratches, dust, smudges and normal wear and tear — that can interfere with the maximum enjoyment of music, photos and videos.

Forcefield coating provides a number of benefits when compared with standard uncoated discs, namely scratch and scuff, anti-static dust and smear resistance.

Imation CDs and DVDs protected with ForceField are fully compatible with standard CD and DVD recorders and players, and will be available in assorted pack sizes of 52x CD-Rs, 8x DVD+Rs and 8x DVD-Rs. Product began shipping in February.

Suggested retails for 52x CD-Rs with ForceField are $5.99 for a five-pack jewel case, $10.99 for a 10-pack jewel case and $14.99 for a 30-pack spindle.

The 8x DVD+R comes in three-pack jewel case for $5.99, five-pack jewel case for $10.99 and 30-pack spindle at $29.99. For 8x DVD-R, three-pack jewel case is $5.99, five-pack jewel case is $10.99 and 30-pack spindle is $29.99.

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