Juice Intros Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Cells

By Staff On May 23 2005 - 6:00am

In response to higher battery power loads in today's SLR and high-end digital cameras, Winner International is introducing a complete line of rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) photo batteries in conjunction with the launch of its Juice-brand rechargeable alkaline and nickel-metal hydride cells.

Whereas standard batteries are not strong enough to power a high-drain digital camera for more than a few dozen images, said Winner, the Juice rechargeable Li-ion photo batteries — with what the company calls new innovative technology, power and convenience — are able to recharge up to 300 times.

Long-lasting Li-ion cells are said to be a more economical system than disposable primary, with approximately one-third the capacity of a primary, but a cumulative capacity that far outnumbers a throwaway single-use primary.

Li-ion batteries are available in five different sizes, a market first, said Winner. These include the CR123A at $9.99 suggested retail, CRP2 (six-volt) and 2CR5, both at $17.99, and the CR2, at $9.99. All four are $31.95 including a charger kit. The CRV3 (three-volt) is $19.99 suggested retail, and $33.95 with a charger kit.

The compact charger comes with a battery status indicator, and the kit includes AC adapter and 12VDC plug-in cord for in-auto charging.

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