Jasco Offers MP3 Accessories Solutions Trio

By Staff On Jul 7 2003 - 6:00am

In order to accommodate the growing MP3 market, Jasco Products is offering three new GE-brand MP3 accessories solutions — a wireless transmitter, adapters and remote control.

Jasco's GE-brand Wireless MP3 Transmitter, model H097686, is a wireless solution for playing computer or MP3 music through home stereos, boomboxes and headphones. The transmitter allows users to wirelessly transmit music to any room in the house.

The product comes with a transmitter that plugs into the computer soundcard or MP3 player, and a receiver that connects to a stereo. The wireless system provides quality sound transmission up to 100 feet. Suggested retail is $39.99.

The GE-brand Universal MP3 Remote is a 5-device unit that allows users to take control of the multimedia applications on their computers. Through Media Player and Real Player, the remote performs functions such as volume-adjust, play-and-pause and skip-or-repeat tracks for MP3s, CDs and DVDs.

The unit, which has about a 100-ft. range through walls, ceilings and floors, also is able to control the television, DVD player, cable box, satellite receiver, VCR and any other compatible devices. Suggested retail is $29.99.

The GE-brand Adaptor allows users to play music from any computer or MP3 player to any home stereo or personal boombox via a wired solution.

The adapter also is reversible, by allowing audio to transfer from the stereo to the computer. This is convenient for the transfer of LPs and cassettes to the computer for audio CD burning, MP3 formatting and electronic storage.

Wired adapters are $9.99 suggested retail for the 12-ft. model H097695, $14.99 for the 25-ft. model H097687, $19.99 for the 50-ft. model H097688 and $24.99 for the 100-ft. model H097689.

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