Jasco Expands GE Mouse Line With Optical Model

Staff On Nov 5 2001 - 8:00am

Jasco Products has expanded its GE-brand computer mouse line with a high-speed optical sensory with dual scroll technology.

Called the Deluxe Optical Mouse, 97769, the unit utilizes high-speed optical technology instead of the standard underneath rubber ball positioning that depends on friction between the ball and pad surface to maintain a certain level of accuracy.

By using the optical mouse, the technology allows for fast and accurate movement of the mouse in conjunction with the computer screen. No more rubber ball to clean or stick, skip or wear out, said Jasco.

"We've taken this model to a new level by advancing the technology and design aesthetics, while also creating a dynamic new packaging format," said Kent Shiplet, Jasco's executive VP of marketing and sales. "This uniquely designed five-button Optical Mouse, is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the growing consumer preference for mice with optical technology."

The GE 97769 also features dual scroll technology. Where most mice have one wheel for vertical scrolling, the optical mouse features two wheels for both vertical and horizontal movement, which is perfect for work on spreadsheets, design software or on the Web, said Jasco.

The mouse, which provides consumers with five programmable buttons for commonly used commands, uses USB or PS/2 ports, and the mouse and keyboard come packaged with software, a PS/2 adapter and a user's guide. The mouse is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP.

Suggested retail is $29.99.

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