Jasco Debuts GE-Brand Home Theater Line

Staff On Jan 8 2004 - 8:00am

Aimed at expanding and supporting the growing popularity of large-ticket home theater products, while solving the retailer nightmare of assortment, placement and multiple vendor problems, Oklahoma City-based Jasco Products is introducing a completely new GE-brand home theater accessories line, including special packaging and products.

With Jasco's main focus zeroed in on strengthening the quality and design of accessories to reflect an upscale image, and concentrating on technologically advanced products to accommodate a large-ticket-item association, the company has designed a centralized categorical look of special packaging with clear graphics for a high-end home theater appearance. The packaging allows the retailer and consumer to concentrate on shelf location for home theater needs, said Jasco.

Three universal home theater remotes lead off the Jasco GE home theater accessories lineup. One with LCD display controls eight devices, including a television, VCR, DVD, cable, CD player, audio receiver and satellite receiver. Suggested retail is $49.99. Another, with learning capability, automatically learns up to 40 commands from each device's original remote. It controls six devices, including a television, VCR, DVD, cable, CD player, audio receiver and satellite receiver. Suggested retail is $19.99. The third, which controls seven devices, offers a special digital-video-recorder feature that allows users to control their DVRs. Suggested retail is $14.99.

Jasco also is introducing a lightweight, low profile GE universal remote, called the Disc. The six device remote, RM24945, said to be among the thinnest and lightest remotes in the industry, controls a television, VCR, DVD, audio receiver, satellite receiver, cable box and CD player. Suggested retail is $14.99

Home theater surge protection includes 12 to 15 models of assorted strip and block surge protectors. Joule ratings range up to 3690. Suggested retail range is $9.99 to $39.99.

There are seven different passive and active antenna models in the GE home theater line. Models offer unique designs that enhance any décor. Suggested retail range is $9.99 to $39.99.

The home theater antenna line also comes in standard packaging, and includes the Futura, which offers a space-saving foldable UHF loop, and the Omni, which offers the space-saving feature of a button-release mechanism that allows the UHF loop to rise from the base. Suggested retail for the Futura AV24735 is $29.99. The Omni AV24737 is $39.99.

An assortment of GE-brand home theater audio/video cables is designed to enhance the home theater experience. The complete retailer assortment for every possible hook-up includes digital optic and coaxial cables, composite and S-video cables and a specially designed subwoofer cable.

Connections can be made for televisions, VCRs, satellite receivers, digital video recorders, DVD players, CD players, DAT, surround sound and home theater receivers, full-range speakers, subwoofers and mid-range and tweeter satellite speakers. Suggested retail range is $9.99 to $29.99.

A selection of home theater mounts includes those for surround sound speakers, a universal design compatible with home theater video and digital audio and universal LCD wall mounts. Suggested mount retail is $29.99.

Jasco is offering new Acoustic Design GE-brand home theater speaker stands in various designs and surface textures with an assortment of stylish bases. Three types of mount capability are offered and these will support all small and mid-sized rear and satellite speakers up to eight pounds. The round glass finish base comes in a combination of clear tempered glass and decorative chrome accents, while the sand die cast finish comes in a metallic silver. Suggested retail range is $49.99 to $69.99.

A revamped GE surround sound computer speaker line presents 10 different combinations of speaker packages. These include entry-level standard, double-tiered satellite system with 2.0 through 5.1 options and step-up three tiered satellite system with separate tweeter, mid-range and low-range portal drivers. Suggested retails for Jasco speakers fall well below $60.

A new GE InterLock CD/DVD storage system incorporates a locking feature with special jewel case CD and DVD holders. Perfect for a multimedia entertainment center, individual disc jewel cases are detachable from the main unit for portability and on-the-go transport. Suggested retail for the CD/DVD Storage System is $29.99.

A dual-purpose GE Opti-Ball mouse combines two popular features by integrating optical movement technology with popular mouse-top trackball movement for convenience of choice. The wired version HO97664, at a suggested $19.99 retail, offers standard optical sensor on the bottom of the mouse and trackball ability with ball movement between the buttons on the top of the mouse.

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