iEraser Leaves A Mark On International CES

By TWICE Staff On Jan 30 2012 - 6:01am

LAS VEGAS — One company working to combat dirt and smudges on all the new portable devices introduced at International CES is Best iProducts with its iEraser.

The iEraser is an eraser that works on any screen, including laptops, phones, tablets and HDTVs.

The iEraser, found at, is about the size of a smartphone. Modeled somewhat after chalkboard or dryerase board erasers, the iEraser has a shiny plastic frame with a padded ultrasuede- like material that makes quick work of smudges on any screen.

“I want to get rid of fingerprints. Dirty, dirty fingerprints and smudges,” said the company spokesperson at the Best iProducts press conference Monday.

Made in the U.S., the iEraser is produced in Florida and was two years in the making. “It’s been refined and refined. We’re exceptionally happy with how it works,” said Robert Skelton, founder of Best iProducts. Skelton explained that the iEraser is a unique combination of fiber, construction and design.

The iEraser will be available starting in February for $14.95. The product will be sold on its website, and additional distribution is in the works, including vertical marketing and custom logo printing.

Initially, the iEraser will be available in black, white and pink. A percentage of the profits from the pink model will go toward a charity for children’s cancer, which has not yet been named.

An additional four or five products, which were not revealed at the company’s CES press conference, are expected from Best iProducts within the next few months. One product that was hinted at is an iEraser for smartphones. “When you put your phone up to your face, you get a different kind of oil,” said the spokesperson. “And there are plastic covers — they’re not the same as a screen.”

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