Gentec Offers Range Of Wireless Lifestyle Accessories

Staff On Mar 12 2001 - 8:00am

MARKHAM, ONTARIO -Gentec International is offering a new line of wireless phone accessories under the Planet Wireless brand.

Called Amtec, the modular system is based around a button attached to the phone by a clip or self-adhesive pad. The button is simply attached to a user's phone in order to have access to the full range of available lifestyle products.

The Amtec System includes six products designed to make it easier to carry and use a wireless phone. These include a Belt Clip, Vent Clip, Armband Clip, Laptop Cradle and Pendant Clip.

The Belt Clip features a secure lock with an ejection system that allows fast and easy access to the phone. Suggested retail is $11.95.

The Vent Clip securely mounts a phone in a car. Suggested retail is $29.95.

A Retractable Hands-Free Ear Piece, with Belt Clip, features an ear-piece cord that conveniently retracts at the push of a button, leaving no messy wires to deal with when not in use. It securely clips to a belt, skirt, waistband or strap. Suggested retail is as high as $59.95.

The Amtec System is compatible with most brands and models of wireless phones.

Gentec is also introducing a collection of Philips-brand headphones.

Models include trendy, lightweight headphones for the fashion-conscious consumer; sports-oriented models for the active consumer; and a number of compact in-ear models, some with portable carrying cases, which offer exceptional audio quality.

Suggested retails range from $4.99 for the basic model to $24.99 for the high-end full-featured unit with storage case.

Gentec is distributing 11 models that range from simple earbud styles to lightweight headphones.

Typical of Philips' innovation is the SBC-HE510 compact portable that has its own carrying case. The case has an automatic cable winder that retracts the cable at the push of a button allowing convenient adjustment of cable length and ease of storage.

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