Gemini Products Look To Innovation

Staff On Jan 6 2001 - 8:00am

CLIFTON, N.J. -Gemini Industries plans to focus on strengthening its Gemini-brand products in 2001, said marketing director Marilyn Liska, with emphasis on innovative products such as an unusual remote control and surge suppressor.

The company plans to be aggressively repositioned this year and will bring to market what it calls "vital" accessories, or innovative products consumers are looking for, said Liska. At the same time, Gemini plans to continue its emphasis on Philips headphones, which it launched in 2000.

At CES, Gemini is offering a universal remote that is programmable via the Internet if a user forgets the code or the battery wears out.

To program the product, users log onto the Gemini website, select a model, point the remote at the screen, and a proprietary digital-flash technology automatically programs the remote. If users upgrade a component, they can go back to the website, select the new model and brand, and reprogram the device.

Although Gemini hadn't selected the housing for the device at press time, the company said it will look like a universal remote. Called REM400, it will retail for about $29.99.

Another new Gemini product at CES is a surge protector that modularly expands with a user's needs and can be used with AC, cable, satellite, fax and phone lines for computers.

Once a standard surge suppressor absorbs a spike, it is no longer useful, but the Gemini unit starts with a base and then expands with a surge module at any joule rating from 70 on up. So, if the Gemini device absorbs a spike, the only thing a user has to throw away is that particular module.

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