Fellowes Develops Four Ergonomic Keyboard Managers

Staff On Sep 3 2001 - 6:00am

Fellowes has developed four new keyboard managers that combine ergonomic principles with space-saving designs. These newest additions to the company line of ergonomic computer accessories include a Fully Adjustable Keyboard Manager and three Premium Articulating Keyboard Manager models.

The keyboard managers are specifically designed so consumers can find a comfortable and correct keyboard placement. Each keyboard manager supports natural arm and hand positions, while reducing tension in shoulders and wrists. The keyboard managers attach to standard desktops and store the keyboard under the desk while not in use.

The Fully Adjust-able Keyboard Manager, at a suggested $99.95 retail, can be fine-tuned to meet individual height, tilt and rotation needs. It incorporates Fellowes Gel Wrist Rest for support while typing. For dedicated mous-ers, this manager includes a mouse tray that can be mounted to the keyboard's right- or left-hand side, and swiveled out of the way when a user is through.

Premium Articulating Keyboard Managers feature the keyboard and mouse-tray options, and also allow a user to independently maneuver the keyboard's height, tilt and rotation without the need for knobs or levers. The three managers also include the company's Gel Wrist Rest and a mouse tray mounted at the keyboard level that can be stored under the keyboard tray when not in use.

The Traditional model designed for a 17-inch glide track, has a suggested $239.95 retail. The Corner model fits in corner workstations and has a suggested $279.95 retail. The Sit/Stand model, at a $329.95 suggested retail, is designed for users who work in both sitting and standing positions.

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