Energizer Brands Set For Upgrades

Staff On May 21 2001 - 6:00am

ST. LOUIS — Energizer has announced power improvements for both its flagship Energizer brand and its newest super-premium battery, the Energizer E2.

Energizer plans to relaunch its Energizer with a new look, more power and greater in-store presence. The battery will be renamed Energizer Max to communicate new 40 percent longer-lasting power in the AA and AAA size batteries for high-drain consumer electronics devices, compared with ordinary alkaline cells.

The Energizer E2, just a year in the Energizer family of batteries, will enhance its titanium formula and cell design for longer-lasting performance.

Hand in hand with an infusion of more than $100 million in U.S. marketing support for the Energizer family, product will offer a new global packaging design to reinforce the brand's premium image. The new packaging is more consumer-friendly, and cell size is clearly marked on both package and battery, along with a use-by date.

In stores, the Energizer Max battery will receive a push from the Energizer Bunny, which will dash across black displays leaving pink streaks in its wake. The new merchandising is designed to showcase the new packaging, as well as create in-store excitement with the bold use of the Bunny, said Energizer. New display units will carry a reminder that the Energizer has the "power to keep you going and going …"

Energizer has scheduled the appearance of the Energizer Max beginning in June, with new merchandising displays following in July.

Energizer E2 will roll out further performance enhancements this fall, with new product lasting up to 23 percent longer in high-drain devices than when it was first introduced, said Energizer.

The Energizer photo line, which also has been relaunched under the Energizer E2 brand, will now also include the CRV3. This new product is designed for use in some of the latest generation digital cameras.

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