Duracell Ads Assail Battery Misconceptions

Staff On Dec 6 2004 - 8:00am

The ongoing battle pitting alkaline vs. heavy-duty batteries comes to a head in new advertising campaign from Duracell.

The company's print and radio ads address the widely held consumer misconception that heavy-duty or super heavy-duty batteries provide long-lasting, strong performance, especially when these cells are compared with alkaline batteries.

Part of Duracell's Trusted Everywhere advertising umbrella, the battery ads emphasize the performance superiority of alkaline cells. These point out that if consumers are concerned about performance, they should be using alkaline batteries, with Duracell the brand of trust and choice.

“Unfortunately, even smart shoppers are being misled about the performance of so-called 'heavy-duty' batteries,” said Mark Bertolami, Duracell's VP/marketing. “The 'heavy-duty' and 'super heavy-duty' descriptors suggest strong, long-lasting performance. In actuality, these batteries are significantly inferior to alkaline batteries such as a Duracell CopperTop.”

Bertolami goes on to say that the zinc chemistry found in heavy-duty types preceded development of high-performance alkaline batteries. In fact, he said, heavy-duty batteries provide significantly less performance over time and yield only a fraction of the life of an alkaline battery. He points out the negative effects of shorter life spans, low temperatures and the need to purchase four times as many heavy-duty cells to produce the same service life as a CopperTop.

The print ads began in late November in a variety of lifestyle, general interest and entertainment magazines. The ads contain packaging visuals of heavy-duty and super heavy-duty types, so consumer can easily recognize these products. The radio commercial also discusses the misconception about zinc batteries.

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