DiscGear Adapter Offers Mini-CD Retrieval

By Staff On Sep 15 2003 - 6:00am

The newest home storage device at cd3 Storage Systems is its Discgear Mini-CD Adapter, designed to be used with cd3's Discgear Selector, an automated retrieval system for full-size discs used for archiving CD and DVD collections.

The Discgear Mini-CD Adapter allows users to insert two simple pieces, a top and bottom that fits into any size Selector. These turn the Selector into a mini-CD storage device that still retains the same capabilities as the original. With the mini-CD adapter, pieces are removable, so users can switch between mini CDs and full-size discs as the need arises. Suggested retail is $9.95 for the Adapter's top and bottom set.

The Discgear Mini-CD Adapter holds 25 mini cds, but users can still retain the capabilities of the Selector's disc retrieval system.

With the Selector, which has self-aligning slots and a disc index that slides and hides, users simply choose which disc they want to retrieve, pick a number from the title sheet, then slide the knob to that number. They then push a button and the lid pulls the disc out as the lid raises — similar to a jukebox.

A Discgear Selector 100 holds 100 discs, and with four sets of mini-disc adapters, it would hold 100 mini discs. The Selector 50, with one mini-CD adapter set, can hold 25 mini CDs on one side and 25 full-size discs on the other side. For a title sheet index, where all the titles are stored, users can get the Discgear Discware Online software on cd3's Web site, free of charge.

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