CEA Adds Smart Antenna Testing To Standard

By Staff On Apr 21 2008 - 6:00am

The Consumer Electronics Association's (CEA) antennas committee announced revisions to its antenna testing standard to include the testing of self-adjusting "smart" antennas.

The standard, CEA-774-A TV Receiving Antenna Performance Presentation and Measurement, defines methods for testing antennas used to receive free over-the-air TV signals. The update adds testing of antennas that, when used with compatible TV receivers, automatically steer themselves for optimum reception.

"The smart antenna is a terrific new technology that enables truly remarkable reception of digital television without any antenna alignment or adjustment," said Ray Conover, consultant to Hubbard Broadcasting and chairman of the CEA antennas committee. "The smart antenna will allow consumers to enjoy free over-the-air television in locations that were never possible with analog television. It's our hope that this project will lead to a smart antenna certification program, and then to AntennaWeb.org recommendations for the use of certified smart antennas."

CEA-774-A, along with a companion standard CEA-2028, Color Codes for Outdoor TV Receiving Antennas, define the color coding system used by www.AntennaWeb.org to make outdoor TV antenna selection easy for consumers. AntennaWeb.org predicts television reception when given an address, and recommends the types of antennas that will provide best reception at the address.

Participation in CEA standards activities is open to companies and organizations with direct and material interest. CEA membership is not required to participate. For more information about the antennas committee, contact Dave Wilson at dwilson@ce.org.

For information about CEA Technology and Standards, visit www.CE.org/standards.

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