Atlantic 'Bridges' Home, Portable CD Storage

By Jeff Malester On Mar 8 2004 - 8:00am

Storage accessories maker Atlantic is offering a "revolutionary design" that blurs the lines of differentiation between home and portable CD storage.

Called the Bridge Collection, Atlantic's combo home/portable storage is a "library-based" system that allows consumers to build, organize and manage small and large media collections, using features such as tabs and removable labels.

The products include stationary home and office units as well as portable storage bags and cases. Removable sleeves are transferable within all home and portable storage, whereby a user simply selects a sleeve, places it in a brief case to carry to work, and then later inserts this in a desired location in an office Bridge unit.

The stackable and expandable Bridge system is designed to accommodate growing numbers of CDs, providing ease of access and viewing. It uses a filing-system method with upright CDs that lets a consumer quickly flip through the offering.

The removable sleeve allows users to add new titles by inserting the sleeve in the exact location without moving a single disc in the collection, while with other current storage units, a user has to reshuffle the collection to add new titles, said Atlantic.

The Bridge line offers "brand new functions never before incorporated into a storage system," said Atlantic. Not only does it offer CD protection and organization, save space by eliminating jewel cases, and reduce clutter, it is an "expandable system that can grow with a collection as a user burns CDs and purchases more."

The Bridge line includes the Drum, a home storage unit that holds 100 CDs, with sliding dividers, reusable labels, built-in stackable anchors to stack up to three drums and an automatic push-open door with lock and key. A bonus CD wallet is included — both for a suggested $29.99 retail.

Rondo is a portable wallet available in a variety of styles in two sizes — 20 and 40 CDs for $9.99 and $14.99 suggested retail, respectively.

A portable bag, called Tube, comes in a variety of styles and holds 100 CDs. Designed for the teen market, it offers sliding dividers for organization and selection ease. It comes with reusable labels for a suggested $24.99.

Silo is a stationary home storage unit that holds 80 CDs and also is targeted toward teens, for a suggested $19.99.

Jazz is a compact, quick-access stationary/portable unit that holds 20 CDs. It comes with a sliding door and can be used for carrying and locating high-demand CDs. Suggested retail is $5.99.

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