APC Adds Black To A/V Power Conditioning Line

By Staff On Jan 30 2006 - 8:00am

American Power Conversion (APC) unveiled six additional A/V power conditioning models in a bold-black anodized aluminum enclosure. This alternative to the company's silver aluminum enclosure is said to allow consumers and installers the ability to choose the color that best integrates into home A/V systems.

New models are said to be “cost-effective power conditioning solutions that eliminate sound and video degradation,” APC said about its new line at International CES, held here earlier this month. The company claims now to have all models in two colors — silver and black.

The APC S10 and S15 power conditioners with battery backup prevent blackouts and other electrical transients from interrupting the A/V system.

All S type and H type power conditioners from the West Kingston, R.I.-based company feature 12 surge-protected and filtered outlets. The S15 model provides even more hours of battery run time, enabling the user to finish a movie or pay-per-view event when the power is out for an extended period.

C-type power filters help eliminate power anomalies such as surges or electromagnetic and radio frequency interference that threaten component hardware, A/V signal integrity and system availability. The C10 offers three pairs of gold co-axial protection jacks, with only two sets on the C5. Both provide phone-jack surge protection as an additional safeguard for incoming signals.

Suggested retails for the currently shipping APC line are S15/S15BLK, $1,499; S10/S10BLK, $1,299; SBATT/SBATTBLK, $499; H15/H15BLK, $399; H10/H10BLK, $299; C10/C10BLK, $199; and C5/C5BLK, $99.

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