Amphony Bows Digital Wireless Headset

Staff On Jan 28 2002 - 8:00am

Amphony has introduced what it calls the first Digital Wireless Headphones to transmit audio in true CD quality.

The company's 2.4 GHz, Model 1000, uses a proprietary technology to transmit audio in a digital format at a data rate of over 3 million bits per second (Mbps) from a stationary transmitter to one or more sets of portable headphones. The transmitter's maximum operating range is 200 feet line of sight and maximum 50 feet through walls and ceilings.

Because its transmits audio digitally, the headphones are said to eliminate noise and audio distortion, which are the major drawbacks in existing 900 MHz analog systems. Further, since the transmission is at a data rate of over 3 Mbps, the company can avoid having to compress the audio, which would have resulted in audio degradation similar to MP3 compressed audio.

In addition, the high data rate allows implementation of an intelligent error conception scheme, which is able to correct transmission errors, guaranteeing reliable error-free reception, even under difficult conditions, said Amphony. Headphones have a continuous operating time of up to 100 hours.

The 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Headphones are geared toward the medium and high-end consumer, as well as the audio professional. Suggested retail for Model 1000 is $129, and the units are shipping.

Amphony is a Berlin, Germany-based startup technology company specializing in the development of electronic products and technologies.

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